Desktops, Laptops and Peripherals

We supply and repair all types of PC Desktops and Laptops and peripherals such as Printers, Monitors, Keyboard and Mouse combos, whatever you need.

Desktop Computers

We custom build desktop computers to suit your needs, whether it be a basic work station PC for an office through to the latest high end technology for today’s’ latest Graphic, RAM and CPU gaming needs. All our Desktop systems come with Genuine Intel CPU’s unless you specify otherwise.

Lightning PC also can supply Brand name Desktop computers, such as HP, Lenovo and Compaq.

Usually a custom built machine is ready for installation and delivered to your home or office within 2-3 business days.

All computers we sell, whether it be a Desktop, Laptop or Server, all current system updates are installed and configured for you before we deliver.

Laptop Computers

Lightning PC supplies brand name laptops of all available sizes and specifications, from a cheaper laptop for the kids right through to business and gaming laptops. All preloaded with the latest version of Windows (unless specified otherwise by you), trial copies of Microsoft Office and an Anti Virus program.


We sell a large range of Hardware, Software, Peripherals and consumables for any situation, from Graphics Cards, Sound Cards, PCI-e and PCI add-in cards, Internal USB Cards, Printers, Scanners, MFC’s, Toner, Ink Cartridges, Internal and External DVD and Hard drives, Monitors, Speakers, Mice and Keyboards.

All sourced from brand names you know and trust including, Microsoft, HP, ASUS, ACER, Samsung, LG, AOC, BenQ, Epson, Brother, Canon, Lanier, Fuji Xerox, Netgear, Cisco, Linksys, Lenovo and Kyocera.