We have been writing custom software for over 25 years. One of our programs, REQTRACK, is a Requisition Tracking System, and won an award in 1994 from what was then known as Pacific Power, a NSW Government body.

Our software is written for network or standalone use, for home, small or large business. Our software is designed for Windows/Windows Server Operating Systems. We can even write DOS based programs should one be required. 

Over the years we’ve written all sorts of customised programs, such as REQTRACK the original DOS program, MultiBoot, a very popular PC game multiple boot configuration program, Even Flow which is a Windows home accounting system keeping track of all household expenditure, PTSTrack, Contrax a Contract recording and administration software program, REQTRACK For Windows, Stockmaster Pro, which is REQTRACK For Windows, with a fully integrated VPRS* and stock control/Inventory system, and our latest program, Business “Biz” Manager.

* VPRS (Vendor Performance Rating System) is also a standalone software program.