what are the benefits of using “the cloud”?

The major benefit of Cloud applications is that they can be accessed from anywhere and on usually any device – Desktop, Smart Phone, Android, iPad/iPhone, Tablet etc.

However, while the benefits sound fantastic (and can be so) the pay off is that you have no real control of your data, particularly using some major Cloud software such as Google Drive. Please read ALL contract details before committing to ANY such Cloud provider, especially in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights of your data. This is just general advice, as would apply as good practice when entering ANY legal agreement.

Whether it’s a basic Cloud solution for such things as backing up your valuable personal photos, documents, music – anything important to you at all – to Cloud based solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive etc or for major business applications to Cloud services such as AWS (Amazon Web Service) or Microsoft Azure, Lightning PC will arrange for everything necessary to set it up, configure and ensure everything is working as it should.

Cloud solutions such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive cannot be relied on as a sole backup solution however. Because they mostly run as a service on Windows startup, and therefore are constantly in the System Tray, they will fall victim to any Ransomware and Virus your PC may become infected by.


What is “THe cloud”?

Today, everything seems to involve “the Cloud”, but what does “the Cloud” actually mean, and where exactly is “the Cloud”?

Very simply put, the term “the Cloud” means physical Servers which are permanently connected to the Internet. Where these actual physical Servers are located depends on the provider – USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UK, India, Philippines etc literally anywhere in the world.

The Servers used by Lightning PC are based in Australia, or by AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the USA