Antivirus and Malware Software

Enjoy the Internet safely with the right Antivirus and  Malware protection

Today, with everything depending more and more on the Internet – Online Banking in particular – it is very important to have a reliable Anti Virus program installed, and just as importantly, kept up to date and working.

Of course the same applies with your Firewall. Fortunately, most good Anti Virus programs integrate with your Operating Systems Firewall, to tighten your online defences. Most modems also have a Firewall component built into them.

In the last few years, new variants of threats designed to circumvent Anti Virus programs have emerged. Specifically, these are referred to Ransomware and Malware.

Ransomware is software, usually coming through your email which infects your computer, then demands payment for unlocking the damage caused. The most widely known of these is CryptoLocker.

Malware, is less malicious, and usually just tries to sell you something, change your default search engine etc.

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